The wife of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States. She was widely known as Lemonade Lucy.

Despite that Hayes was known to drink occasionally, he never did to excess. When he took office in 1877, he declared the White House alcohol-free. His decision was considered a moral crusade.

Hayes administration had followed Grant's, whose term was corrupt with scandal of the Whiskey Ring, Credit Mobilier, and Gould cornering the gold market. Hayes and his wife wanted to set a good example. So aside from banning alcohol, they also had annual Easter egg hunts on the White House lawn.

The White House staff would find a way around the prohibition by serving Roman Punch. This was a hollowed-out, frozen orange filled with a sherbetlike concotion into which, according to a senator, "as much rum was crowded as it could contain without being altogether liquid."

The humor lies within Hayes' diary reading, "The joke of the Roman Punch oranges was not on us, but on the drinking people. My orders were to flavor them rather strongly with teh same flavor that is found in Jamaica rum.. There was not a drop of spirits in them!"

Lucy Hayes remained oblvious to this, by the way. Even so, she was called The First Lady of the Land.

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