A classic confidance scheme that preys upon the lust, guilt, and panic of an unsuspecting mark:

  1. The mark meets an attractive young woman who seems hot to trot.
  2. She invites him back to her place. He accepts.
  3. Just as they are about to get busy, a huge, angry, brutal man bursts in on them.
  4. In no uncertain terms, the man informs the mark that his (the mark's) potential sex partner is either his (the brute's)wife, or his underaged daughter, and that the mark is in big trouble.
  5. The mark is scared shitless, and willing to do anything to get out of this situation with his body and his reputation intact. Someone brings up the subject of money.
  6. The mark pays the brute what he thinks is an acceptable sum of money at the time, and the brute lets him go.
  7. The woman goes out to a bar to reel in another mark, and the brute hides in the hallway again to wait for his cue.

Badg"er game.

The method of blackmailing by decoying a person into a compromising situation and extorting money by threats of exposure.



© Webster 1913.

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