That very annoying occurrence in which water shoots directly up ones ass as they are going number 2. It only occurs when the "units" hitting the water are of a certain size, shape and weight and the water line is at a certain height. The most annoying thing is once it has happened to you enough times you know its about to happen when you are going and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it. According to my girl friend this has NEVER happened to her. Some of us should be so lucky.

Although MoJoe's definition is certainly far more interesting than mine, I have always known a backsplash to be the area directly behind the faucet of a sink where the counter material is extended vertically about 4" - 5" to prevent wayward water from destroying the juncture of the counter & the wall. On freestanding sinks, such as the industrial types found in food service areas, the backsplash keeps water off the floor, so it could also be considered a safety precaution.

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