"In 1862 in Santiago de Cuba Don Facundo Bacardi created the world's first refined rum, Bacardi Rum. Today it is still made to the original secret recipe and is enjoyed throughout the world. Bacardi Breezer is a delicious way to enjoy the world's favorite rum. The finest Bacardi rum is specialy blended with tropical fruit juices, exotic flavours and pure sparkling water to create a uniquie and refreshing blend which is best enjoyed chilled."

The above taken from the label of a Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi Breezers are made in the U.K. and are available in most of Europe, North America and some of South America and the Middle East.

Breezer comes in 7 flavours : Peach, Pineapple, Watermelon, Lime, Orange, Lemon and Cranberry. (Not all available worldwide)

More info on "http://www.bacardi-breezer.co.uk/"

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