BUGTRAQ is a mailing list designed to notify the list members of security problems in various software packages. Oddly enough, Microsoft products show up quite often.

You can sign up for BUGTRAQ, Development Vulnerabilites, or Incident Reports at www.securityfocus.com

Since any one of the above mailing lists can drop sometimes up to 80 messages a day in you in-box, checking the account where you recieve these security newsletters on a regular basis is wise.

Often times government sysadmins and foreign security specialists contribute. This one dude's last name is Zmolky. Wouldn't that be a kick butt name?

Because of the number of gotchas and security issues in many platform and company specific (lines of) products, the people who founded bugtraq, and also securityfocus.com have spawned NTBugtraq, focus-sun, and other similar security mailing lists, based on the Bugtraq disclosure model. These extraneous mailing lists are not managed by Aleph One, aka (Elias Levy), the man famous for making these lists successful.

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