Chrono Trigger was one of the most popular video games ever made for the SNES - please check here for more information.

As ever, when the Japanese go mad for something, they really go mad for it. OSTs, merchandise, etc. Of course, when the Satellaview satellite download system came along in Japan, it was a good excuse to provide Chrono fans with some more of their favourite drug. As well as the semi sequel to Chrono Trigger (named Radical Dreamers - translation getting done soon, can't wait...) there were (to the best of my knowledge) 3 BS Chrono Trigger ROMs released on the system. One of them was this.

A .gif maker's paradise, this ROM contains every frame of animation in the game for all the main characters, and for all the enemies. Also included is a short biography/info text on the character/enemy. Unfortunately it's all in Japanese and the moment, and there is currently no translation effort for the game. Although as a ROM hacker in training I might give this game a try... Anyway, included is every frame of animation ever, which the player can skip through one at a time, and take screenshots if they so wish. No doubt the Japanese went crazy over it, but until is offers some useful information (ie. it gets an English translation) it will be doomed to live in the world of obscurity forever..

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