The Satellaview satellite link up system for the Super Famicom allowed video games to be downloaded from a Satellite TV Channel. And naturally, after the huge success of Chrono Trigger, one of the most popular SNES games ever, there were huge opportunities for spin offs. As well as the semi sequel Radical Dreamers, there were three different BS ROMs released on the Satellaview. This was one of them.

Part way through Chrono Trigger you have to make your way across a horrible wasteland in one of two ways - you could either walk, which meant fighting some fairly tough enemies, or you could choose to race "Johnny" on his jet bike across the land. If you got there before him you could continue. This part of the game was practically the only departure from the graphics of the rest - the track was displayed using Mode 7 which mean that the camera could do some nifty spins around once you had won. The mini game was very simple - acceleration was automatic, with all the player having to do was steer and not let Johnny overtake. The player had three boosts which could be used at any time - it was best to use them just before the finish line. The track was a simple straight line, with no corners or anything to worry about. Unusually for a racing section, the race was viewed from the side, rather than behind Chrono.

The BS ROM allows people to play the Jet bike sub section over and over again, to their heart's content. I suspect that you could very easily get bored, especially as there are two game types which appear to have no difference. For a free download from a satellite channel, though, I guess it's not bad. High scores can be saved and there is a "From Johnny" section with some lovely Japanese, which I presume explains how to play the game. If you are a Chrono nut or you just like collecting ROMs then this is a reasonable download (the ROM emulates perfectly, and can be found reasonably easily on the Internet). Otherwise, you will probably find nothing in this ROM to entertain you.

Thanks to Triften for spotting an error.

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