Chrono Trigger was one of the most popular video games ever made for the SNES - please check here for more information.

And of course, in Japan, as with the rest of the world, popular game mean spin offs! After the release of the Nintendo Satellaview console, (and add on for the Super Famicom which allowed players to download games from a satellite television channel) 3 different BS ROMs were released which were spin offs of the original Chrono Trigger game, as well as the true sequel to the game, Radical Dreamers.

This was one of the spin off ROMs which players could download. It is not a game so much as an accessory - you can download it and then listen to all the music tracks from the game Chrono Trigger. Whether this interests you depends entirely on whether or not you played the game - it may be some nice nostalgia for some, but for others it's pretty pointless. Since Square (developers of Chrono Trigger) were almost the undisputed music masters of the Super NES, the music is very good, with each character having their own theme, as well as battle and boss themes and other miscellaneous pieces of music. Whether you'd want to sit down and listen to them with no gameplay is another matter - especially when ripped SPC (the SNES's sound format) files are available for this game all over the Internet, along with Winamp plugins etc. which allow SPC playback. If this sounds like too much fuss for you, then download this, but otherwise, ROM collectors (like me) aside, I would not recommend this as a download, unless you really like Marle's theme.

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