B. D. Beans Coffee Co./Internet Cafe is located in the small Florida town of Belleview. Belleview is approximately twelve miles south of Ocala. B. D. Beans is a carbon copy of many San Franciscan cafes, and for that reason, I decided to create this node.

The first thing that will strike you as you enter B. D’s foyer is how eclectically the cafe is decorated. Black and white checkered title juxtaposed with hard wood floors seems to work (in a bizarre sort of way). Local artists’ work is displayed around the minute coffee shop and the patron is given plenty of time to peruse the varied forms of creative endeavors. Again, this type of cafe is commonly found on the west coast, but it is a total surprise to a hungry Floridian traveler who has passed an endless bevy of fast food feeding troughs.

The beverages here are above average. Try the banana mocha smoothie or the Java Jazz espresso. This espresso includes the yummy additive of Italian french vanilla syrup and caramel. As I myself am a tea drinker, I prefer the raspberry tea mixed with regular tea. The chai is very good here as well.

If you are in the mood for a sandwich, you have come to the right place; finger food and quiche is almost all that is served. Try the portabella mushroom with red peppers, goat cheese, and red onion on focaccia bread. Another favorite is the veggie melt with ripe tomatoes, sprouts, fresh ginger, organic lettuce, and red onion, smothered in provolone cheese on black forest bread.

Yesterday, as rain poured from the humid Florida skies, I ran into B. D.’ s and ordered a piece of the caramel cake. Ingredients included walnuts, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and thick fillings of both dark chocolate and caramel. “Wow,” sums up the dessert.

Thanks for reading this node. It is meant to help those who suffer, as I do, from an acute case of advanced taste buds syndrome ATBS. If you are stuck here in a tourist state with few “real” restaurants from which to choose, you might want to try any of the places about which I have noded. They may not be great, but they are better than most.

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