B lymphocytes are also known as B cells.

B cells are part of the immune response. They are responsible for the humoral response in fighting against a virus or bacteria.

B cells, types of lymphocytes, develop in the bone marrow.
They fight specifically against free bacteria, toxins, and viruses in body fluids (hence the humoral response).

The cells involved in the defensive response of the humoral response are the plasma cells, memory cells, and helper T cells which activate the B-cells.

B-cells that have come in contact with an antigen display pieces of the antigen on the surface of the cell.

The B-cell is activated by a helper T-cell when they bind together. The B-cell proliferates and differentiates and grows into a clone of plasma cells and memory cells.

The plasma cells secrete antibodies specific to the antigen, which tag cells for destruction by phagocytosis or lysis.

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