"Rex Fowler from Pittsfield, Maine and Neal Schulman of New York City met one 'open mike' night at a Boston folk club in the spring of 1971. Each impressed by the other's talents, they joined forces and Aztec Two-Step (named for a line from 'A Coney Island of the Mind' by Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti) was born." - www.aztectwo-step.com

  • Aztec Two-Step (1972)
  • Second Step (1975)
  • Two's Company (1976)
  • Adjoining Suites (1978)
  • The Times of Our Lives (1980)
  • Living in America (1986)
  • "See it was like this..." (1991)
  • Of Age (1994)
  • Highway Signs (1996)

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