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Dream Log: February 2, 2001
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real name: is Aaron Haviland
email: orion [at] parsed [dot] net.
ICQ: 43079202
AIM: ah42
IRC: guinea-pig on various networks

If you think it might be a good idea to send me massive amounts of junk mail, I would love it :-)
Aaron Haviland
34 Wayne Avenue
Dudley, MA 01571

Once upon a time, I had thought I knew what I wanted. Now, I know that I didn't.

<Beaujolais> There's a big ol' dance goin' on out there
<Beaujolais> And some people are in the dance
<Beaujolais> and some are sitting on the sidelines
<Beaujolais> and the ones on the side say "I can't dance. I don't know how"
<Beaujolais> and the ones who are in the dance look at it and say "This is cool, this is something I've never seen before."
<Beaujolais> and they just jump in and let it take them where they may
<Beaujolais> The secret is that NO ONE CAN DANCE
<Beaujolais> It's just that some of them jump in and try to follow along
<Beaujolais> others stand back and try not to get mixed up
<Beaujolais> it's all part of the dance, boy.

<Beaujolais> dance
<Beaujolais> or die.