Avril 14th is a track by Aphex Twin off the 2001 double CD (or double-double vinyl) release Drukqs. Like much of Aphex Twin's oeuvre, this song seems made to be used as part of a film score.

If you like Aphex Twin's ambient works, then you will love this song. Note that this song is only indicative of maybe half of Drukgs—the entire album alternates between drum and bass and softer stuff like this, done with a prepared piano, piano, player piano or keyboards. And loops.

If you have seen the films Marie Antoinette, Four Lions, Sleep Furiously or the SNL short Iran So Far—or heard that one song by Kanye West—than you mayhaps took notice of this calm & calm-ing bit of piano and wondered what it was. Or maybe not, as this is the sort of music that may be heard without registering if used as part of a film score.

Avril is French for April. The subtitle for this track is "The Kernow Festival" and refers to a celtic tradition celebrating Easter for families in Brittany and Cornwall. In the year in which Drukqs was released, Easter was on April 15th. So this song was either made on or for Holy Saturday. And loops.

Incidentally, April 14th is the birthday of BookReader, Daniel Clowes, Philip III, Adrien Brody, Bruce Sterling, Ritchie Blackmore, Ali Akbar Khan and my sister. And loops.



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