Australian Youth Foundation.

Located in Sydney and working towards:
  • Assisting young Australians who are financially, physically or intellectually disadvantaged to reach their full potential. AYF's vision for young Australians is that they will all have the opportunity to realise their potential, be respected by society and participate fully in the community on their terms, consistent with their human rights and responsibilities.
  • Initiating constructive and progressive change.
  • Promoting the integration and coordination of youth programs, services and policies.
  • Establishing its place as a respected and catalytic organisation in youth affairs.
  • Exhibiting leadership in policy development, in the promotion of applied research, in fostering positive ideas for change, and in acting as a facilitator for their implementation.
  • Influencing governments, academic institutions and the community.
  • Promoting collaboration and networking in the youth sector.
In 1989, the AYF was established - called BYF at the time (the B meaning Bicentennial). The name was changed to the present in 1993 to reflect the vision of the future as the Foundation moved towards 2000.

Since its inception, the Foundation has committed $13.5 million (AUS) to fund a total of 496 national (AUS) and regional projects.

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