Once again, I have been looking through Old Stuff. This time it was a little heap of cassette tapes from the early to mid 80s, featuring a few hours of my music, which I recorded back then so it wouldn't be forgotten.

Since then, I have forgotten quite a bit of it, mostly rightly, as it turns out.

But there is a country song in there, also forgotten for decades, that I would like to share with you. (I didn't know I'd written a country song.) The tune is pretty generic, but the words are sublimely poetic:

Farewell, my frigid beauty
I don't suppose we'll ever meet again
I'll dream of you no more, cold-hearted cutie
For I know you have no heart to break or mend

You filled my heart with longing to get under your reserve
I believed that cool fa├žade of yours must surely lie above
A tender beating loving heart that throbbing passions knew
A soul that burned with feeling like a red-hot vindaloo

But farewell ...

The unsmiling face you turned to me I never thought inferior
I thought that deep inside yourself you had to be much cheerier
But locked away beneath that cold unfeeling hard exterior
You kept concealed so well a cold unfeeling hard interior

So farewell ...

Some people are like rosebuds
Hiding closed inside their skin:
Before they bloom you never know what beauty lies within
But you my dear are not like that
You're like a Brussels sprout:
When you've peeled away the leaves there's nothing left to be let out

So farewell ...

As usual, I don't know if it was about anyone in particular. Time, the great healer and destroyer...

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