The Haircut Records

I got a haircut yesterday. This was my 2,367th haircut.

I like the arrangement that the lady who cuts my hair and I have worked out and I think she likes it too.

Explaining what I want every time I go in for a haircut had become tedious and it is not fair to expect her to remember from one time to the next so we've worked out a system whereby she keeps a file with all the data pertaining to my haircut preferences. I'm kidding. TWAJS.

Actually, Darla has a system that assigns a number to my haircut. In my case it is six. I sit in the chair. She says, "What number are you?", and I say, "6". I have no idea what that means but Darla does.

Even better, Darla and I have worked out a barter. I like to grow fresh, homegrown veggies and she likes to eat them. So instead of handing Darla money, once she's reduced my hair to a six, I fetch the garden goodies and everybody's happy.

This kind of barter system could be used in a lot of other transactions as well and I try to keep an eye out for ways to use barter as an alternative to cash or credit whenever possible.

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