It was a cloudy day. Nice, he thought, no need for sunglasses. In the crosswalk, people passed him, nothing more than the sound of footsteps, a glimpse of a face, and maybe the lingering smell of a woman's perfume. At the corner on the other side of the street, a man behind a cart offered him a hot dog. Yeah, just what I need, the man thought, miscellaneous pig on bread. His stomach squirmed at the idea. He shook his head and moved on. The front door of the apartment building had no buzzers, the door was unlocked, and the lobby was empty. The man walked to the elevator. The button to go up was already lit. He pushed it anyway. It was hot under his thumb. "Light's stuck," he muttered. The man stared at his feet for a few seconds, watched the one on the left tap out a tune. He looked up and met his own eyes reflected in the bronze doors of the elevator shaft. He thought about the empty hole back there, and walked across the lobby, through the stairwell door.

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