I'm entering what I figure to be likely the last of the Everything Daylogs. They were fun, but nobody stuck to making them. sigh

Anyways, I finally saw Shakespeare in Love. A very good movie, and one I'm sure glad to own. And, unlike There's Something about Mary, I felt it lived up to the hype about how good it was.

Ate some mediocre Chinese for dinner.

(Update over a year later. LOL on it being the last of the Day Logs - they've turned into something huge it seems, thanks to E2.)

I sat at my computer and linked nodes to The Node Linked to All Others. I had fish sticks and home made french fries for lunch and noodles with walnut (or was it chestnut?) sauce.
I didn't kill as many roaches as I would have liked. (I'm trying to kill 50+ each day. They're all over the kitchen.)

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