It's a rather slow day today. I'm enjoying a nice cuppa French press coffee and a handfull of pills - the legal kind, prescription. So many that it takes two slots in my plastic daily pill container. 

Last night I heard a ruckus on my tin roof. At first I assumed Santa Claus was stopping by to chat again, but this didn't sound like reindeer hooves. I grabbed a six-cell metal flashlight/club and one of my .22cal handguns.

I sprang from my bedroom, threw open the door, crossed the threshold and looked to see more...

When to my wondering eyes should appear but a fuzzy raccoon and a tiny one I hear.

They climbed up a bush and scrambled onto the roof to look around. No, I didn't shoot them. They were the first raccoons I've seen on my acreage. I have lots of groundhogs, squirrels, feral cats, deer, bullfrogs, snakes, skinks, and turtles. I like turtles. Hopefully they don't devolve into trash pandas. I keep the garbage can locked, but raccoons are clever little blighters.

If you have suggestions for keeping the raccoons safe yet not destructive, let me know.

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