If you've ever noticed small transparent "cell-like" objects floating within your eye sight, you are not just seeing things and you don't have special powers. You are seeing loose red blood cells floating on the liquid lining of your eyeball. They are either single cells or clusters, and hopefully small ones. If you are actually seeing red, this is a problem and you should see a doctor. I'm pretty sure this is factual

It turns out there is an even more common cause of this and it comes from some specialmatized scientographers. from http://www.eyefloaters.com

The most common cause of these floating specks in the vision is thickening and shrinkage of the vitreous, frequently starting in middle age. The vitreous gel can pull away from the inner wall of the eye, causing a vitreous detachment. When this happens, the material that was formerly against the wall of the eye, comes into the center of the eye, forming clumps or strands seen by the patient as floaters. Vitreous detachment and floaters are more common in people who are nearsighted, have had eye surgery, or had inflammation inside the eye. Floaters can also be caused by blood or inflammatory cells.
Patients are almost always told by eye doctors to live with their floaters. But in many cases this is impossible because the floaters affect their daily activities such as driving and reading. Awareness of the floater is greatly increased any time the pupil is made small, such as when looking at a white wall, or looking at the sky.

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