One of the oldest football teams in Europe, home team of Bilbao. Americans might even call them a soccer team.

The club was started in 1898, but the origins go way back that year. Bilbao is located in the bay of Biscay, thus the communication with other countries such as England is plentiful. The English influence is so powerful that the club name is english, the team colours are from the club Sunderland FC and the grass in San Mames is imported from England. The locals learned soccer from the foreigners and took the game to their hearts. Soon the ACB was founded as the first sports club in Euskal Herria.

The sport became very popular, and the founders of the club, Enrique Goiri, Juan Astorquia and Jose Mª Barquín finished the official charter of the club in 1902. The first president of the club was mr. Luis Márquez.

There was another club in Bilbao, the Bilbao FC. The two were competing against each other for some time, but in the end, they joined forces and this lead to the first spanish premier leauge cup victory in 1902 (2-1 vs. Barcelona). Since that, they have won the premier league cup 23 (!) times over the last hundred years. ACB also finished second in the UEFA cup in 1977 and qualified for Champion's Leauge as late as 1998.

Strong restrictions exist on the reqruitment of players. The team will not accept anyone not Basque, and did not accept any non-spanish Basques before Bixente Lizarazu (From Bordeaux) broke that tradition.

The hymn
Translated by Nordicfrost

Athletic, Athletic, eup!           | Athletic, Athletic, yay!
Athletic, gorri ta zuria           | Athletic, you are close  
danontzat zara zu geuria.          | to all of us
Erritik sortu ziñalako             | Because you have arisen
maite zaitu erriak.                | from the town that loves the town.
Gaztedi gorri-zuria                | Red white youth 
zelai orlegian                     | in the green field of 
Euskalherriaren                    | Euskal Herria
erakusgarria.                      | you are are the example.
Zabaldu daigun guztiok             | Let's spread out
irrintzi alaia:                    | and shout:
Athletic, Athletic                 | Athletic, Athletic
zu zara nagusia.                   | You are the best!
Altza gaztiak!                     | Up, youth!

Athletic, Athletic                 | Athletic, Athletic
gogoaren indarra:                  | the force of the spirit
Aritz zarraren enborrak            | The trunk of the old oak
loratu dau orri barria.            | has bloomed a new leaf.
Aupa mutillak                      | Go, boys
aurrera gure gaztiak               | advance, our youth
Bilbo ta Bizkai guztia             | Bilbao and Bizcaya is
goratu bedi munduan.               | praised around the world.
Aupa mutillak                      | Go, boys
gora beti Euskalherria             | Euskal Herria is always over us.
Athletic gorri-zuria               | Athletic red white
geuria.                            | close to us.

Bilbo ta Bizkaiko gaztiak gora!    | Go, youth of Bilbao and Bizcaya!
Euskaldun zintzoak aurrera!        | The Euskaldun will arrive faithfully!

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