Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 69

O joy to high for my low style to show! 
   O bliss fit for a nobler seat then me! 
   Envy, put out thine eyes, lest thou do see 
What oceans of delight in me do flow!
My friend, that oft saw through all masks my woe, 
   Come, come, and let me pour myself on thee. 
   Gone is the winter of my misery! 
My spring appears; O see what here doth grow: 
   For Stella hath, with words where faith doth shine, 
Of her high heart give me the monarchy: 
I, I, O I, may say that she is mine! 
And though she give but thus conditionally, 
   This realm of bliss while virtuous course I take, 
   No kings be crowned but they some covenants make.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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