Let me tell you about the funny way I discovered this website. It starts with a dorky old calculus math teacher. He asks me one day: What is your exact birthday? So I tell him. He discreetly tries to sneak the same question in to everybody else in the classroom, all at different times. My ex-friend was asked the same question one day. After realising he had an uncanny ability; remembering your exact birthdate on the spot as if it were important for some hidden reason, she decided to ask him what his deal was.


That's his deal.

He showed her this after class and completely captivated her with all the houses and natal charts and transits.

She created a profile and wanted to show me something after entering my birth data.

It was called a short report forecast. When I read it we looked at each other as if we had just started to feel a quarter of shrooms kick into our systems, just incredibly knocked out of the world for a moment. We're just those types of people, who can easily be mesmerized by phenomena without being incredibly skeptical of it. Of course my enthusiasm is so great that it reaches to other people, so I've taken it upon myself to dig deeper and look for reasons to continue reading my horoscopes and reviewing my transits.

    One: The astrologers on this site have pefected their work. They have devoted their lives to it after all, and are renowned authors. They know what their talking about. It is just so unarguable, these readings are incredibly accurate!
    Two: It is just spewing with valuable insight onto different conscious and unconscious parts to your personality. With the tools on this site you get a chance at seeing the psyche in a totally new way, one where similarities and differences between us are neatly knit together in every unique way.
    Three: My mind is a very anylytical one, and just trying to understand this so called "Science" really can leave me puzzling for a long time. There are inumerable types of charts that I can try to pick apart for hours in grand total, it just never gets old. It's constantly updated and calculated in many different methods.
    Four: I can make charts for anybody I can think of. I have a chart for Charles Manson, Sigmund Frued, The Olsen twins, My boyfriend. They are all comparable and interesting to read.
    Five: Every daily horoscope and transit are personalized. They have to be, because they are found by calculating the position of the planets and the angles they create with the orignal positions from your natal chart. So, while Pluto makes a square with the Sun from your chart, it won't do the same angle with someone who was born at a different time.
    Six: Compared to other sites this site is far superior. The main difference is in the exact birth date. Other sites will give you a generic horoscope based off of your sun sign, yet any rational person would find this irrelevant because no, you can't lump us all into 12 zodiac signs. The people at astrodienst don't work that way. Note the mathematical pinpointing when exploring the site.
    Seven: This site offers me a kind of introspection I could not accomplish without the tools it has. It also shows me things that can't be revealed through normal social contact. It's good for the more mysterious types who like to know what's going on beneath the surface, as well as what's going on up above so to speak.
    Eight: I'm just secretly fanatic about these types of things. They can't be fully grasped. If you were a polished astro enthusiast you'd know by my jupiter in scorpio + jupiter in the 8th that that is a quirk of mine. I encourage you to see for yourself.

If any help is needed on how to navigate the site I'd be happy to help.

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