Both of the kanji spellings above are used for the word Asahi, which literally means "morning sun" or "rising sun." You can get Asahi Super Dry Beer, read the Asahi Shimbun, watch TV Asahi, or get a ride in an Asahi Taxicab.

旭区 (Asahi Ward) in Osaka is a nondescript inner city residential district located around the Keihan Line. Asahi Ward in Yokohama is a huge suburban sprawl punctuated by occasional golf courses. 旭市 (Asahi City) in Chiba Prefecture, population 40,000, is on the JR Sobu Line. There are towns called Asahi in Aichi, Shimane, and Okayama prefectures, and villages called Asahi in Ibaragi and Yamaguchi prefectures.

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