137 Artists at the Rise of the New Millennium

Art Now is a comprehensive guide to the current state of the contemporary art scene. Withheld in the books 559 pages 137 artists are profiled, each with a paragraphs worth of biography and three pages worth of visuals of their works.

German publishing company Taschen released Art Now as a follow up to their other book documenting modern art, Art at the Turn of the Millennium. As the art scene is always changing, Taschen found it important to change with them; trying to keep an updated modern art book out in the market.

This time around, however, editors Uta Grosenick and Burkhard Riemschnider decided it was important to include international artists in the mix, as before with Art at the Turn of the Millennium only the Western art scene was reported on. Also in an attempt to gain more international exposure, the book is written is three different languages including English, French, and German.

For each artist in the book an in-depth paragraph is included describing some of the artists work, accomplishments, and theories, with selected exhibitions and selected bibliography also given. On the page to the right of the paragraphed text there is a full page devoted to a single work of the artist. Then on the next two pages more of the artist's work is given, along with a quote from the artist and one line describing each piece shown.

Included in the back of the book, taking up some 60 extra pages, are two sections detailing the art market and how to introduce yourself into the art scene. The first section deals primarily with the individual artists in the book, with information on how to contact them, along with information on how to purchase some of their art. The second, and more helpful section, gives details on how to get into the art scene of 16 major cities. Events, commercial galleries, public galleries, and "hip places" are all given in this section.

137 Artists

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