Art Hill is located in front of the St. Louis Art Museum. Originally, the temperary buildings of the 1904 World's Fair occupied the space, but now the space is just an open hill with a statue of Saint Louis himself up top.

What's the Attraction? As soon as snow falls on St. Louis you can bet the news cameras will be out on Art Hill, shooting the sledders who come from seemingly every corner of the metro area. The hill itself isn't too steep but steep enough to build up a good amount of speed. At the end, of course, are the bails of hay, provided kindly to keep the sledders from plunging into the man-made lake. And if you get cold there's always the bonfire up at the top.

Art Hill, technically, is open all year, being a part of Forest Park, but its main attraction is during the fall and winter months.

Derived from my own personal experiences.

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