Simultaneously one of the first words learned by would-be German speakers, and a word which it is not wise to yell at the top of your lungs in a German-speaking environment. Unless that environment happens to be a punk rock concert or something. *Ahem*.

Use this word to offend, startle and / or amuse bystanders. Use it as a retort to drunken drivers who nearly drive you over, to politicians you don't like, to people who throw pie in your face... the possibilities are endless.

Situations in which the usage of this word is NOT recommended include but are not limited to weddings, funerals, graduation balls, posh restaurants, movie theatres, lecture halls and job application interviews. Of course, usage of the word is permissable in any case if nobody in hearing range speaks German.

Yes, it's the German word for "asshole". Article is "das", ie das Arschloch... however, the article is unused when the word is used as an insult. Plural form: Arschlöcher.

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