Literally, "Little Asshole". Series of German comic strips (there's also one animated movie) done by Walter Moers.

The main character is an (unnamed) fat, short boy with glasses who is, well, an asshole. He spends his time playing cruel practical jokes on people. What makes the whole thing funny is that he does it with a totally sincere-seeming attitude and considerable verbal skill.

In one story, he declares his undying love for an elderly lady in the neighbourhood. His aggressive wooing sends her to the hospital after he rents a large billboard to show an image of him, naked except for underpants, and the words This can all be yours!.

Another story has him deliver food to a blind man: "Are you really blind, or are you just faking it to get pampered? Ha, ha, only joking!". When the blind guy asks the Little Asshole to read the newspaper to him, he goes "Whoa, HOT!!! What a babe! Look, here, on page two... oh, I'm, so sorry, I didn't mean to be insensitive."

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