Around the World is also a fun and dangerous drinking game commonly seen in some college fraternities.

The Setup:
You need a house of three stories or more with lots of different rooms and lots of different hallways. A frat house is obviously ideal. You'll need bathrooms, buckets, towels, mops and squeegees.

The Plan:
Line up your pledges by GPA, or points earned, or number rank, or however your frat judges pledges, and have them go one at a time to the first room. Basically, wait about two minutes or so between each pledge, just so things don't get too crowded in the first few rooms.

Each room has its own international theme, with food and appropriate liquor. Example: you would have a Mexico room where only burritos and Jose Cuervo is served.

The frat member in charge of each room forces a "Hall Pass" on each pledge before they go to the next room. The pledge doesn't have to eat the food (although it's recommended to soak up some of that alcohol) but the drink is mandatory or they cannot go on and won't have bragging rights. The general idea is to get the pledge ridiculously drunk, then just when he thinks he's made it and all the rooms are completed, the room he didn't know about and thought was empty, the "Irish Room", opens up and the pledge has to drink a whole Guinness. Guaranteed, if the pledge hasn't puked yet, he will.

You can also do a slight variation on this and give a little "Admit One" type ticket to the pledge for each room completed, and redeem the tickets for prizes. This is a good idea if your pledges are a bunch of pussies and need the proper motivation to get trashed.

I wonder why my grade point average was so low.

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