This religion is my no means a matter of laziness. It's solely based on no longer caring for whatever reason. I have been an apatheist for years now, yet I only recently realized what I really was.

I became enlightened while probably either sitting on a bus or a toilet (my times of intensely deep and undirected thought). I was staring at nothing; the window attempted to prevent that by showing everything. All of a sudden my eyes focused (as they do), and I was aware.

I could not, even if I tried, give a half a fuck about religion.

So, I thought about my revelation. I wondered why I argue atheism so much if I really didn't care. My conclusion was somewhere along the lines of my wanting other people to not care as well. We all (I hope) have more important things to do besides ponder the origin of our very existence...Right. No.

I argue for atheism because apatheism, at least for me, is atheism. That is, it is atheism past the point of caring to change others' views. I really no longer care what everyone believes in. It really doesn't matter unless it comes up.

If it does come up, I contribute my 1/50th of a dollar, and I move on. Other alternatives for moving on can be changing that person's view of religion and life, coming to a new point of realization based upon their views, or getting all pissed off (which I just don't do anymore).

Man, I hate people, but I love people.
Opinions are the spice and death of life.

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