Anza-Borrego is an area in the desert of Southern California, east of San Diego. The area is in the Sonora Desert, which is lower, hotter, and further south than the Mojave Desert. Covering much of this area is the Anza-Borrego State Park. The area is charactarized by dry mountains, sandy washes, cactus and other desert plants, badland areas, and abundant desert animals such as reptiles, coyotes, and bighorn sheep. In the center of the area, on private land, is the town of Borrego Palms. There's not much in this town.. just no-name gas and a cheap bar.

As is true for most desert areas, the summers are very hot and generally dry, winters can get cold with snow at higher elevations, and when it does rain it usually comes in the form of downpours and dramatic summer thunderstorms. There are a few developed campgrounds here.. but if you really want to experience the desert you should camp in an area off the beaten path.. camping is allowed along many dirt roads in the area. A spring or fall night in the desert is awesome.. silent except the yipping of coyotes and the swish of owl wings.. cool, clear, and with a sky coated in stars. Also in the area are some really nice 4*4 roads. Bring lots of water and a shovel... and don't go far from developed roads in the summer. (actually you probably dont want to go to Anza-Borrego in the summer at all..)

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