The sophomore album from Frowning Outlet, released in 1993. Building on their initial self-titled album, Antifragile merged their electronica-tinged sound with heavy grunge-metal guitars and a driving jazz bassline with the influence of guest keyboardist Chris Ferris, who once tracked down Trent Reznor's grandmother to get a message to the Nine Inch Nails frontman.

Overall, the fusion worked well except for the second to last song on the album, Beta Decay. Obvious to most of their fans that it was the last gasp of their experimental-crazed drummer before he was released, it reminds me of listening to The Police's Synchronicity album when the song Mother begins to blare out from the speakers, resulting in the same fumbling for the remote to jump to the next track.

Overall a good album to add to your collection if you can find a copy and you enjoy complex music construction and weird minimalist vocals. Recommended.

Iron Noder 2017

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