The Anti Nazi League are a large group of people dedicated to ridding Britain, and indeed the world, of evil Nazi scum. At the moment, their main task is halting the rise and rise of the British National Party and their compatriots-a mammoth task, as it involves quite a lot of opinion-swaying.

Their trademark is the ANL arrow, which is designed to point out Nazis in photos and newsprint, as an effective, and very recognisable, tool. According to their website (, "anyone who wants to stop the Nazis can join, regardless of political belief, religion or creed", and use "propaganda, demonstrations and counter-mobilisations" to counter the Nazi threat*. The ANL has been up and running for a long time, and they mostly succeeded in wiping out the swastika-worshipping sect in the late 70s. However, with the resurgence in popularity of far right-wingers (i.e Nazis and fascists) like Jean-Marie Le Pen, the group took the decision to reform in 1992. A counterbalance like this group is needed quite a lot here, as Nazis are gaining respectability, what with the media turning the asylum seeker issue into a witch hunt, and as of now they are succeeding in their aims. More power to them.
*Yes, there is a Nazi threat in Britain (and a lot of Europe) mostly supported by the Daily Mail and its ilk. Thanks, Mail!

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