"The SSP stands for the socialist transformation of society. To replace capitalism with an economic system based on democratic ownership and control of the key sectors of the economy. A system based on social need and environmental protection rather than private profit and ecological destruction." - Tommy Sheridan, from the party website

The Scottish Socialist Party, or SSP, is a fairly young political party, launched in November 1998, which campaigns for an independent socialist Scotland. The party failed to gain any seats in the Scottish Parliament Elections 2007.

The party has recently campaigned on a number of fronts, including free school meals, the abolition of warrant sales, the Scottish Service Tax (a proposal to replace the current council tax), and opposition to the war in Iraq.Tommy Sheridan "takes no more than the average wage for his work in the parliament", donating the rest back into party funds.

Socialism 2002

The SSP organised "Socialism 2002", an event held in Glasgow's Caledonian University on the weekend of 26 and 27 October, 2002, billed as "a weekend of socialist debate and discussion". Speakers included Dorothy Grace Elder, MSP, Colin Fox, SSP Lothians List Candidate, Carolyn Leckie (Unison activist), Fire Brigade Union representatives, Colin Bell, broadcaster, and various other union and socialist speakers, as well as Tommy Sheridan, of course. Topics covered in speeches and seminars included Palestine, combatting racism and fascism, trade unions and feminist issues.

Socialism 2002 literature

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