'gibson's girl up and leaves'

silver streaks smear down her face

    she bites her lip and claws her arm

 shiver in the heat she radiates

     humming to herself she freezes

       not enough coffee in the world

 to keep her alive

     'my ass outta here'.



 decaying landscape

     mirrors of my shattered skull

  I knew the sun would set

           (so soon?)

 I wonder, was it really the right day?


  'headlights of an oncoming car'

moonlight struck the pavement

   mixed with the headlights

      that spilled over the road and coated my

  heart in shades of sorrow

   because you weren't there

  you weren't pressed to me, 

      clasped to me.

  but the light kept spilling

   and i kept driving

      always leading to you

   but the road stretches on

         and now I'm getting cold.



they've pressed you out

 like a bug in a collection

   and they're watching you

      deciding if you'll break me

  I sit, weeping at the burden I cause you.

 silently plotting to destroy.


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