The toilet paper I most recently purchased was of the patterned variety. The pattern was of angels playing their harps in heaven. I used the toilet paper for what is was designed for.

Now I ask you, is this treatment appropriate for angels? Is this really befitting of an angelic being?

I'm all for toilet paper patterned with leaves, flowers, etc, because that's kind of what the product is made from anyway. But angels? I'm not comfortable with this.

Oh dear Yurk Yurk you re not the only one who has found the angel image on the tp disturbing. I was in a moral outrage when I saw that God's heavenly beings were blasphemed in such a way as to have their picture cover a tissue meant for nothing more than ass wiping. sick

Before I began an angry letter and boycott email I realized I had to dig deeper - more research was required - so I took my LadyPalm m100 (tm) down to my local market. Let me tell you I was SHOCKED at what I found... Angels were the LEAST of the flagrant violations of nature and human decency. to wit:

The brands Northern, MD, Cottonelle and Charmine had children yes CHILDREN on their packaging. sickos

The brands 7th Generation and Best Yet had trees - FIR TREES on the covers - imagine using the Lord's Holy Christmas trees for bum cleansing! disgusting

Finally, Scott Tissue had no picture on the cover , but when I turned the package around I found this warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this away from babies and small children. What??? let me tell you a thing or two, bub, if I cant keep the toilet paper on the TP hanger as Jesus himself intended where my children have access, I wont have it in my home. buncha blaspheming devil kissing sick perverts

So Yurk Yurk, do as I do in my home; buy the strongest, softest, most absorbent toilet paper you can find, then have your maid take it right out of that putrid and evil packaging and individually wrap each roll with tissue paper. amen

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