Author and original date unknown. Unlike many nursery rhymes in many cultures that are short and repetitive, this one is long and supposedly bore the child to sleep! Many regional variations can be found in many Arabic countries that has the same gist. A chain of dependencies can be seen between each verse.

Hoha ya Hoha!
And they built the kaba
My master traveled to makkah
He went to see the akkah
And the akkah has no key
And the key is with the iron smith
And the iron smith wants money
And the money is with the groom
And the groom wants a bride
And the bride wants children
And the children want milk
And the milk is with the cow
And the cow wants grass
And the grass is on the mountain
And the mountain wants rain
And the rain is with Allah
Allah ya Allah make "kid name" sleep!

Original in Arabic,
Hoha ya Hoha
wal kaba banoha
Sidi safar makah
Rah yeshoof al-aka
Wel aka malha miftah
Wel maftah ind al-haddad
Wel haddad yebi feloos
Wel feloos end el arees
Wel arees yebi aroos
Wel aroos tibi eyal
Wel eyal yebo haleeb
Wel haleeb end al-baqar
Wel baqar yebi hasheesh
Wel hashes end al jabal
Wel jabal yebi matar
Wel matar end allah
Allah ya allah nawoom "inset child name"

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