What is this? It's an index of sorts, linking to nodes that relate to philosophy in Ancient Greece. See also the first footnote below1. It was written for two main reasons: (1) As an index that can be referred to when looking for something to read about Ancient Greek philosophy; (2) as an index that can be referred to when trying to decide what has and hasn't been written and what could benefit from a new writeup.

What we call "Ancient Greek Philosophy" roughly covers everything from the first recorded Greek philosopher (Thales) until the Greek states were incorporated into the Roman Empire. This covers a period from the end of the 7th century BCE (which is part of the period called Archaic Greece) through Classical Greece when many of the big-name philosophers flourished, and into the period of Hellenistic Greece which ends with much of the Greek lands being annexed by Rome in 146 BCE. These three periods are used below:

Because this is an index to (vaguely speaking) valuable nodes2 on Ancient Greek philosophy, I have eschewed any other links below. In other words, the only words that are links in what follows are links to nodes on Ancient Greek philosophy. Note that links are to individual writeups within nodes (except for a few cases).

Philosophy in Archaic Greece (800-480 BCE):

Many of the so called Presocratic philosophers lived during this period:








Zeno of Elea:





Philosophy in Classical Greece (480-323 BCE)

The Sophists:
Because there's hardly anything on the Sophists I've grouped them all here.



Plato's Academy:
Because there's hardly anything about Plato's academy I've put all the links here together.


Euclid of Megara:

Diogenes the Cynic:


Philosophy in Hellenic Greece (323-146 BCE)

Pyrrho of Elis:


Zeno of Citium:


Made it this far? Read the two notes below.

1 How this was made: I searched for the most obvious node titles, so for example for Thales I searched "Thales". I then selected based on personnel preference (see note 2 below) those writeups which I felt to be worthwhile linking to. When I'd finished that for a particular page, I looked at the soft links to see if there were any similar pages which would be relevant. If there is absolutely nothing on a particular philosopher then I did not include them on this page. I'd recommend taking the absence of any favorite names as a motivation for writing something about them.

2 How individual writeups are selected: Basically anything that seemed to me to be useful at the time when I read it. If you want me to add a writeup, whether yours or anyone else's, please feel free to send me a message - absolutely no justification is needed. All I need is the node's link and I'll make sure to add it when I can. Any suggestions or comments - they're all welcome!

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