Although Mr. Oizo has produced tracks in the past, this is his first actual album. Released under the Mute label, the album consists largely of heavy bass beats overlaid with somewhat scratchy electronics. This results in what the album refers to as "One speaker is enough" music.

I'll list the tracks, but I won't bother linking them, as there are no lyrics.

  • Bad Start
  • Monophonic Shit
  • No Day Massacre
  • Smoking Time
  • Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog
  • The Salad
  • Bobby Can't Dance
  • Analog Worms Attack
  • One Minute Shakin
  • Inside The Kidney Machine
  • Miaaaw
  • Flat 55
  • Feadz On
  • Analog Worms Sequel
  • Flat Beat

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