In 2000, old-school heroes Ice-T and Kool Keith temporarily reinvented themselves as "Ice Oscillator" and "Keith Korg", retro pimps from the year 2005. As humorous as that concept is, the real revelation is the project's dedication to the synth. The first Analog Brothers album, Pimp To Eat, is simply awash in Moog, 808, and 909, thanks to the retro stylings of Mark Moog and Silver Synth. Also making appearances behind the mic are Jacky Jasper and Rex Roland. While Ice-T has certainly played the pimp act before, the presence of Kool Keith adds a completely new dimension -- his eccentric ryhmes are like winks that tell you the band's just a gag.

Pimp To Eat's cover features the collaborators in a supermarket, wearing gigantic fur coats, of course. In the background, outer space is visible, the time-honored cliché of the "futuristic sound." If you are the type to appreciate humorous hip-hop, pick a copy up, and enjoy the deep bass and crunchy funk of these vaguely familiar self-styled pimps. Don't hold your breath for a follow-up -- Keith is currently involved in so many projects that I've lost count.

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