The American Association for the Advancement of Science released a guide on reducing the amount of material expected to be covered in American public school science and science related math. The goal is to reduce less relevant content that is taught. They believe teachers are given too much material to cover with efficiency and totality. The amount of material, according to the AAAS, that teachers are expected to cover is too much for their one year with a group of students.

Key material they want to cut includes: the periodic table, acids and bases, right-triangle trigonometry, isomers, organic acids, and photoelectric effects. They also wish to limit vocabulary to technical language that is more broadly useful and essential such as gene, nucleus, and cell wall, and in turn skip limited words such as oxidation, respiration, and mitochondria. They believe this does not "water down" science but makes it more useful and applicable for the students learning it.

Resources include: Documentation from the AAAS and USA Today

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