This ancient form of divination known as Alomancy (or Halomancy) comes from the Greek word 'halo' meaning salt. Along with many other forms of divination the essence looking at the patterns of salt as it falls to the ground or travels through the air.

Though the exact process for the divination is unknown today, it is believed that either it the divination comes from the patterns of salt thrown or the patterns formed from the residue of a salt solution as it evaporates in the bowl.

Salt itself is often intertwined with luck and some of this ancient tradition can be seen in the superstitions - misfortune when the salt cellar is overturned and throwing salt over the left shoulder for good luck.

Al"o*man`cy (#), n. [Gr. , salt + -mancy: cf. F. alomancie, halomancie.]

Divination by means of salt.

[Spelt also halomancy.]



© Webster 1913.

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