Alison Moyet (1961) British pop singer

Alison Moyet (Born June 18, 1961 in Basildon, Essex , England) reached her fame in Yazoo (Yaz in the US), at the side of synthesizer trendsetter Vince Clarke. Yazoo gave a new meaning to dance music, merging icy synthesized tunes with warm soul music. After two albums nonetheless, Alison decided to take a next step: a solo career.

Her debut called Alf impressed Britons mainly, where over a million-and-a-half copies were sold. The album delivered the big hit All Cried Out. During 1985, Moyet toured with a jazz band led by John Altman. The group recorded a version of Billie Holiday's That Ole Devil Called Love which became her biggest hit. Moyet also contributed to James Brown’s album Gravity (1986).

In 1987, Alison released Raindancing, an album that won her a third Brit Award and caused a great commercial success. She reached the charts with Weak In The Presence Of Beauty, but regardless these achievements Alison didn’t want to give up her desire for musical adventures.

Hoodoo, a back-to-basics collection, saw her return to raw rock roots on several tracks while tumbling into deep soul music on others. Her last effort, Essex, was in fact a continuation on the trail she started with Hoodoo.

Her worldwide record sales exceed 20 million records. Currently she is recording a new album, whilst she also stars in the musical Chicago.

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