Fairground Attraction were Eddi Reader (singer/songwriter), Mark E. Nevin (songwriter/guitar) Roy Dodds (drums/percussion) and Simon Edwards (guitaron).

They were signed to RCA in '87 and released their debut single Perfect in April of '88. This turned out to be an instant hit and was number one for two weeks on the UK singles chart.

Their debut album, The First of A Million Kisses, showcased their musical abilities beautifully. It was a collection of acoustic pop music with romantic lyrics by Mark E. Nevin and expressive vocals by Eddi Reader, which combined elements of folk, jazz and Cajun to come up with a surprisingly 'poppy' whole.

The album was voted Best Album and 'Perfect' Best Single in the Brit Awards next year. They released three more singles from the album: Find My Love, A Smile in A Whisper and Clare.

Shortly after their Japanese tour, in September 1989, some sources reported they had some arguments during the recording of their unreleased second album and in January '90, the band officially announced it had broken up and would release one more album (Ay Fond Kiss). Their farewell single, from this second album was Walking After Midnight.

Eddi Reader, who had sung as backup for Alison Moyet and The Eurythmics went on to have some limited solo success after the break-up.

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