Nocturnal personality of an eatery at the intersection of Bath Street and Ashton Road Bristol England.

Also known as the Hungry Bite Cafe before noon, populated then by labourers, locals with hangovers and spent clubbers. Eating here twice in a day is not uncommon. The trucker's cafe mood and style in the morning is transformed into a south-of-the-river urban restaurant with tablecloths, candles and a suitable cassette tape.

Reliably well executed Indian recipes with a bent towards sweetness over heat. Recommend the special Chicken Tikka or the Lamb Rhogan. If you enjoy a mild, pleasant, sweat the Madras selection is fun and tasty.

Unlicensed BYO with moderate corkage (£3/$5). Off-licence available within a hundred yards and two public houses within a rock's throw -- the Rising Sun and the Cooper's Arms. Park House, between Al's Tikka Grill and the first of the public houses heading northeast is not a public house.

You can sit down and grab a quick, filling, meal for two (with pappadams & soft drinks) for the pocket change sum of seventeen pounds. That's robbery.

Pop in early, book, or live locally else you may be disappointed. The regular staff will tend to bend over backwards to accomodate you and your guests.

Closed Sundays.

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