A small town in the middle of Puerto Rico. It's where I come from. There are around 25,000 inhabitants. Nothing much to say about it, it's so small, nothing ever happens there. Sometimes horses are stolen, like mine was. There's a McDonald's, a Taco Maker, two high schools, Jose N. Gandara High School and Bonifacio Sanchez Jimenez High School. Neither is good, that's why I studied in Cayey. No movie theatre, no skating rink, lots of peace and boredom. Lots of pregnant teenagers.

It's such a small town that some people from other parts of the island don't know where it is, and have never gone there. Once a year, they remember us because of the Festival de las Flores, the Festival of Flowers. There's also the Festival del Pollo, (Chicken Festival), and the Festival de la Montaña, (Festival of the mountain). It's a good place to live in, overall.

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