A show and music contest done in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile. It starts the third tuesday or wednesday of each february, and it lasts six days.

There are two main contests: international contest (with one participant or group per country in the Americas) and folkloric contest (focused mainly in chilean traditional music).

Also, there it presents some famous artists coming mainly from Spain and Latin America (though this year (2001; one of the worst in the history of this festival;see below) we had those doofus(es) of David Hasselhoff and Vergaboys (with no offense to their fans)).

The 2001 festival wasn't one of the best in the history of the festival. It was organizated by Canal 13, a TV channel that was cutting out costs just now, to avoid doom and bankrupcy (yeah, sure!); therefore, the artists that participated this year weren't especial, with the sole exception of Ana Torroja and Miguel Bosé, who finished their Girados tour here and were the most acclaimed artists in this show.

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