This is quite possibly the coolest shop in the world. It's in Manchester and if you haven't been there, you haven't lived!

It's kind of a department store, only instead of selling perfume and outfits for old ladies to wear to weddings, it sells cool stuff. You can find anything here, eg

Wigs of various colours and styles,

CDs for 50p,

Trendy cyber clothes,

Kinky leather outfits,

Posters of all your favourite bands,

And much, much more!

You can even get something pierced, or have weird things done to your hair! I strongly reccommend a visit.

Afflecks Palace¹ is a 4-storey alternative department store in the City Centre of Manchester, England. You'll find it on the corner of Church Street and Tib Street, just a couple of minutes walk towards town from New Aeon Books. Instantly recognisable by the gothic architecture, and huge lamps on ornate green brackets sticking out of the walls of the first floor above you, its official address is 52 Church Street, MP4 1PW.

Despite a three-year battle with the city council who tried to demolish the building to make room for tram routes; it is still standing, fortunately.

Similar to the Colliseum, which caters more for the comic-book and sci-fi market, Afflecks is more fashion oriented; mainly clubbing, goth and fetish styles. Afflecks is also larger.

Opened in 1982 by local hairdresser James Walsh, it was intended to provide economical retail space for fledgeling companies in a city-centre location.

A selection of the inhabitants (as of April 2002):

If you are a hardened shopper, then you should probably allow a good half-day to get round all 50-odd shops and stalls. Fortunately, there are refreshments available!

Other similar locations include Camden Market in London, Leeds' Corn Exchange and Oasis in Birmingham. Although Camden is larger, I don't think it quite hits the mark, and Oasis is a definite poor relative. The Corn Exchange in Leeds is slowly selling out to more mainstream ventures.

Info on Leeds from Just_Tom.

¹ Note, no apostrophe.

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