Name: "Egyptian lizard" (Gr. 'sauros' - lizard, reptile) Species:Aegyptosaurus baharijensis Family: Titanosauria Order/Suborder: saurischia/sauropoda Time: middle Cretaceous; 93-99 mya Location: Africa (Egypt) Diet: herbivore Discovered: 1932, by Ernst Stromer Length: 50 ft. (15 m) Height: 16 ft. (5 m) at the shoulder Weight: c. 10,500 kg Fossil Record:a few fossilized bones that were destroyed during WW2

Aegyptosaurus was a huge sauropod that lived on the shores of an ancient sea in what is now the Sahara Desert. It's a smaller relative of the larger Argentinosaurus which lived in, you guessed it, South America. This is of course becuase Africa and South America were once joined. Titanosaurs, like Aegyptosaurus, had a little bit of armor, usually in the form of bony bumps on the back or sides. This dinosaur may or may not have had this armor.

Unfortunately, the only specimens were destroyed in Munich, Germnay in World War II. You can thnak the stupid Nazis for starting the war.

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