Radio drama targeted at children made by Focus on the Family, and played on Christian radio.

Adventures in Odyssey centers around Whit's End, an "entertainment center" and snack bar owned by John Avery Whittaker (aka Whit), and located in "Odyssey" a town in an undisclosed region of the US.

AiO has a very heavy fundamentalist Christian slant, and constantly emphasises salvation, going to church, obeying your parents, reading the Bible, etc.

Some Odyssey episodes feature the Imagination Station and Room of Consequence, which are virtual reality machines that allow characters to experience the past (Imagination Station) and explore "What if" situations (Room of Consequence).

The "Imagination Station" seems heavily inspired by the Star Trek holodeck. In the episode "Blackgaard's Revenge", a virus planted by Regis Blackgaard takes over the Imagination Station and terrorizes two people who enter it. This could have easily been the plot for a Star Trek episode. The virus/Blackgaard even calls for the control panel to appear (cf Moriarty calling for the arch in STTNG).

In addition to Whit, main characters include Eugene Meltsner (classic nerd), the Barclay family, Tom Riley (a farmer), Connie Kendall, Rodney Rathbone (sorta like Bart Simpson), and others. The perennial villan was Regis Blackgaard, until he died in an explosion that he set off in one episode.

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